GA 30+ – 90 – 40 hp – 125 – Oil Injected Rotary Screw Compressors




Atlas Copco compressors based on rotary screw technology have always set the benchmarks of reliability, economy and performance in the industry.

Altas copco’s Little Master brings these benefits of screw technology to the small industry who has had to settle for the inefficient and noisy piston compressor.

Minimum components, total integration of refrigerant dryer, compressed air filters and air tank ensure a compact design. Advanced sound dampening ensures silent power. Reliability of screw technology make the Little Master suitable for 100% continuous duty operations. All these combine to make it the perfect compressed air solution for the laboratories, workshops, light industry and small compressed air requirements of medium and heavy industry.


High Efficiency Ultra Drive

  • Increased efficiency & reliability.
  • Maintenance free-No drive coupling.
  • 35% Less parts.
  • DE bearing runs cooler,resulting in longer life.

Vacuum Assisted Unloader valve

  • Using vacuum forces to operate.
  • Optimized for lower pressure drops.
  • Simple, less parts more reliable.
  • Virtually maintenance free, only one moving part

Aftercooler With Integrated Water Separator

  • 100% water separation.
  • Virtually no internal pressure drop.
  • Saves energy.
  • Maintenance free.
  • Connected to electronic water drain.
  • No loss drain.
  • Saves energy.

Saver Cycle Technology In Full Feature Unit

  • Energy Saving Dew-point Mode (ESDM).
  • Turns off the Dryer under light load.
  • Savings on dryer energy consumption.
  • Lower operating cost.


Innovation in Air-Oil Separation


  • Improved aerodynamics in vessel design resulting in less oil carry over (1.5ppm).
  • Lower pressure drop resulting in less energy consumption.
  • Lower operating & maintenance cost.

Atlas Copco is committed to developing the most efficient screw element for each GA generation. Developed from extensive R&D by dedicated Atlas Copco engineers, the latest version of the patented oil injected rotary screw element provides unrivaled efficiency and reliability.

Oil Filter



  • A high efficiency oil filter removes 300% smaller particles than a conventional filter, providing clean oil to extend the lifetime of all lubricated parts in the compressor.
  • The oil filter rating of ├č12 = 75 sets a new industrial compressor standard that is fully compliant with ISO 16889.

Electronikon: A Superior Electronic Control, Monitoring And Communication System

Atlas Copco’s patented Elektronikon┬« is an advanced, microprocessor based, real time operating system with an ergonomic alphanumeric user interface. To maximize energy efficiency, the Elekronikon controls the main drive motor and regulates system pressure within a predefined and narrow pressure band. With a simple push of a button your can remote start and stop, load and unload the compressor.

1 Multiple Compressor Control


The Elektronikon’s Multiple Compressor Control (MCC) centrally controls up to four compressors simultaneously. The result is a substantial reduction, in system pressure and energy consumption, in addition to minimal compressed air leakage and a more stable pressure across the network.

The Elektronikon continuously monitors critical parameters. Monitoring features include service and warning indications, error detection, compressor shut-down and maintenance scheduling.


2 Dual Pressure Set Point


The production process creates fluctuating levels of demand which can create energy waste in low use periods. The Elektronikon can manually or automatically create two different system pressure bands to optimize energy use and reduce costs at low use times.

3 Delayed Second Stop

The sophisticated Delayed Second Stop (DSS) runs the drive motor only when needed. Because the Elektronikon maintains the desired system pressure while minimizing the drive motor run time, energy consumption is kept at a minimum.


4 Saver Cycle


Saver cycle technology reduces the energy consumption of the integrated refrigerant dryers in light load applications.

Using an ambient sensor to monitor the required dew point suppression, the Eletronikon starts and stops the dryer when the compressor has stopped minimizing energy use and protecting the air system from corrosion.


GA 30 – 90

gx30_ga 30-90 specs

GA 37-90 VSD

gx30_GA 37-90 VSD specs

Work Place Air System: Revolutionary WorkPlace Concept

With its compact footprint, low noise operation and integration of air and condensate treatment equipment, the GA offers complete versatility for your production. The GA’s integrated design allows the compressor to be placed on the production floor, reducing external piping costs and minimizing pressure drop across the system. This increased efficiency can create strong energy savings for your business.

Lowered Installation Costs

  • The GA can operate close to the point of use-eliminating the need for a dedicated compressor room.
  • The GA is delivered ready for use-minimizing production downtime and reducing installation costs.
  • With filtration equipment integrated, the GA reduces the need for costly external piping.


A conventional compressor, with external filtration equipment and high noise operation has to be placed away from the work floor. This creates external pipework which can raise installation costs.

The GA Work Place, with its low noise operation can be placed directly at your point of use. This integration saves space and reduces piping costs

Reduced Energy and Maintenance costs

  • With less piping in the workplace, the GA minimized pressure drop Across the system which can reduce energy costs.
  • The filtration system produces clean air to prevent network corrosion minimizing energy, repair and maintenance const.
  • The GA operates at the lowest possible system pressure to reduce energy costs thanks to the Electronicon advanced monitoring system.


Placed away from the work floor, external piping is increased which can create higher pressure drop across the system. The GA’s integration reduces pipe work which minimizes pressure drop from the compressor to the work floor.

Delivering Quality Air


The integrated refrigerant dryer, standard with the Atlas Copco GA WorkPlace FF, reduces installation and maintenance costs, as well as required floor space. The dryer comes with the innovative SAVER cycle technology which limits the running time of the dryer while ensuring a good dew point to protect your system from moisture.

gx30_14Untreated compressed air contains moisture, dirt particles and aerosols that can damage your entire air system. The resulting maintenance and downtime costs can far exceed air treatment costs. The GA Work Place Air System integrates air and condensate treatment equipment into one canopy, right on your work floor. The air from the GA Work Place Air System will see the quality of your production improve while your operating and maintenance expenses decrease.

Protecting Your Production

Untreated compressed air contains moisture, aerosols and dirt particles that can damage your air system and contaminate your end product. Resulting maintenance costs can far exceed air treatment costs. We believe in effective prevention.

  • Increase Your Production Reliability

Low quality air heightens the risk of corrosion in your system, which can lower the life span of your air tools and production equipment. The GA’s filtration process produces clean air that enhances your system’s reliability, avoiding costly downtime and production delays.

  • Safeguard Your Product Quality

Compressed air coming into contact with your final products should not affect their quality. The GA provides the clean, dry air that will protect your product’s reputation in the marketplace.

  • Reduce Your Energy Costs

Clean, treated air reduces the risk of corrosion and leaks in your compressed air system. A 3 mm leak could easily add up to Rs.18000/- to your energy bill annually.

  • Protect The Environment

With leaks and energy waste minimized and the unsafe disposal of untreated condensate eliminated, you can safeguard the environment and comply with stringent international regulations.

GA VSD: The compressor genius that can save upto 35% of Energy

Most production facilities an Air demand profile with fluctuations according to the hour of the day, the day of the week or the period in an economical cycle. Traditional compressors cannot follow precisely the Air Demand.

gx30_15Atlas Copco pioneered the GA V(ariable) S(peed), D(rive) compressors, offering the capability to match perfectly compressor capacity and Air Demand.

A GA VSD compressor is able to follow the fluctuating demand by varying the speed of its drive motor. This is the key feature of the GA VSD compressor. They reduce the energy consumption to a minimum by avoiding completely unloaded power consumption and so save upto 22% on the total lifecycle cost.

gx30_16The measurement box is used for analysis of air energy consumption. Based on these readings, the implementation of a VSD compressor in a typical installation can be simulated by software.

Future energy savings can be estimated prior to any capital investment commitment.

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